Are you out on the sidelines, at concerts or performances taking pictures of Juanita students and coaches in action, or do you know someone who shows up at every event with a camera in hand? The JHSBC is always looking for great photos of our Raven community to share on the front page of our website, in the Newsletter,  in our Instagram feed, and at celebrations.

JHS Booster Club thanks the wonderful Joe Byrne for sharing his amazing photos with us.  He is our main photo contributor. We can only highlighted a few.  To view his entire collection from the present and years past, click on his Flickr pages below.

Current Year:
Past Years:

Email your photos to [email protected] for a chance to have your work featured!

Have a video of your program to share?

If you have a video of special moment and/or season highlights  send the links to [email protected] and we will share them here