Our mission is to support the development of extracurricular student programs, to enrich the high school educational experience, contributing to the foundation of a strong future for all students.

What We Do... 


~ SUPPORT programs outside the classroom that benefit all students at JHS, including some clubs, performing arts groups, and athletics, by working to remove barriers to participate and play through fundraising.

~ ENRICH programs by providing funds for things like spirt wear, team bonding activities, meals, Senior nights, banners, and more.

~ CONNECT the school-wide community by highlighting student achievements through distribution of the Booster Club Newsletter, by promoting Raven Pride on social media and our web page, and by providing college scholarship opportunities for graduating Ravens.

Funds raised and provided by the JHSBC (the community) are intended to supplement funding provided by the LWSD (the school district) and the Juanita ASB (the students). Each year the gap in funding increases and we seek to bridge that gap with a "boost" in funding.


Ways to Help!

* Become a Member. Join any time; don’t wait until your child’s sport or activity is in season. Membership is free.

* Donate your time – help at our annual auction, help fundraise for your team/activity, or become a board member.

* Attend all athletic and performing art events support all of our students. Attend monthly meetings.  Meeting Schedule.

* Participate in our Fundraisers.

* Catch Raven Fever – wear your JHS colors and cheer for ALL the programs and participants.

* Consider a tax deductible donation – to Junita High School for a specific sport, program, scholarship or the general fund.


Interested in volunteering? We would love to hear from you.